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Privileged - A game about chance.

Happy and Super Successful - that's what your avatar would like to be in Privileged. Your goal is to create an astronaut, an Olympic champion, or a Nobel Prize winner scientist. But there is a twist: you cannot control where they come from and who they are! First or third world, gifted or mediocre - all the attributes are governed by probability based on real data. Help these people to live their dreams, and meanwhile, play with statistical data and learn about global differences.

// Minimal RPG - casual gameplay
// Focus on social awareness and global inequality
// Based on real-life data

Release year: 2014
Platform: Android, Windows

The game is featured @ GamesKeys.net:
Top Android Games to Try Out in August 2021

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// How to play:

Your aim is to create a super successful person. There are nine goals: be an astronaut, an Olympic champion, a Nobel Prize winner, a magnate, a top innovator, a spiritual leader, a political leader, an Oscar winner and the oldest person in the world.

When you start the game you immediately create a new random person. They can be male or female, and they might come from any country in the world. It is more likely though to be born in more populated areas. The person you created has ten attributes that determine how happy and successful their life could be. All attributes range between 1-100, the higher the better.

Now you have a chance to observe and alter these factors. You can increase attributes or move to another country if you have enough karma points. You get karma points after people you create. Bigger changes, like switching gender, cost you more.

After you finish tweaking, the summary of your person's life appears and you can see what they achieved. They are considered successful if they live long enough (60 years), are not poor (income above $1000) and have a career. They are super successful if their level in the chosen career is high. Happy people give you more karma points to spend on other people as you play on. Find the nine H&SS people and win the game!

// Privileged is based on real life data (Human Development Reports, World Happiness Report, OECD Better Life Index):

This game is freeware: Creative Commons License